All TLS custom, handmade shoes come with a full "pit-cured" hand welted leather sole. Pit cured leather involves a process of adding tanning agents like oak bark to pits that hold the leather for up to 18 months as the leather slowly absorbs the tanning agents while maintaining its protein structure, retaining its ability to breath as well as its flexible nature and improving it's strength.

This sole provides a much more wearable, comfortable shoe.

A few points about full leather soles:

Pit cured Leather soles are a sign of quality shoes Full leather soles allow your feet to breath and reduce perspiration. The 1/3 rubber area on the heel is done to improve ground contact and stop you from slipping especially on a wet surface. Treating leather soles with a little "sole oil" every few month's extends their life-span considerably

At TLS we offer a glued on "rubber sole" which not only improves your shoes performance in very wet weather, but extends the life span of the leather sole. The glued on rubber sole is easily replaced by any cobbler and does not interfere with the breathability of the full leather sole.

TLS shoes are of all leather construction with a strong leather hand-welted insole in our Blake stitch or hand-Goodyear welt.

If treated correctly, they will last for many years with the all leather upper developing a beautiful patina.