TLS has teamed up with ROXWORLD TV and PALM BEACH ROX INC. 

Palm Beach Rox Inc. has partnered with Wayward Pictures and Falconer Pictures to provide M&A services, film funding, and product placement for their film, television and other entertainment entities for which TLS will be supplying custom made shoes, boots, many other leather clothing items




The German "InStyle Men" magazine tried out
custom made shoes by TLS

They went through all the normal order procedures like any customer and paid like any customer to make this a complete, untainted judgement of our service!

Below please find an article about us by the leading German style magazine "InStyle Men" with some English translations - the original article you'll find by scrolling down further

Their final conclusion

Die Bunte Entertainment Verlag GmbH („BEV“), Arabellastr. 23, 81925 München

The perfect gift

What to buy him for his Birthday, for your anniversary or Christmas?

Every year those anxiety driven times come up and cause more stress than you might think. Will he like his present? How can you be sure?

TLS is your gift solution!

For most men, having to go out to buy a new pair of shoes is comparable to having to go for a root-canal treatment. Spending hours trying on different pairs of shoes and in the end, buying a pair that doesn’t really fit and looks nothing like what he was looking for is in many cases the outcome. Work is piling up at the office and he wants to go to the game with his mates in the evening, so he goes into panic and does a panic buy, just to be done with and get back to work or home. I’m sure this sounds very familiar to many men who have been through the tortures exercise of buying new shoes.

Now you can relieve him from this torture once and for all.

At TLS no shop visit is required. Three Pictures per foot is all we need to make his personal last and his first pair of Test-Shoes. Those he can try out at home or his office in his own good time. Send us the report and we will finish his own personal last.
From that day on, visiting shoe shops and trying on countless ill-fitting pairs will be a distant memory from the past, a nightmare that will no longer be part of your life.

Now, when he needs some new shoes, he simply goes on the TLS website and orders the shoes he likes. Six weeks later and a friendly UPS man will deliver them to his door.

Bespoke shoes of superior quality than anything you’ll find in a shop, handmade for you in a perfect fit and the best part, they will cost no more or even less than those from a better shoe shop.