TLS Custom Made Footwear

Our 4 golden rules at TLS online

  1. Only a satisfied customer will come back to order again and our whole business is based on repeat customers since the last production is a substantial investment in time and cost at our end. Only when a customer places a repeat order, do we start earning our margin and the business becomes successful. At our prices, there is really no reason for you to buy shoes anywhere else, but of course, you will only do so if you are satisfied with our service. I'm proud to say that we have thousands of such regular customers already.

  2. Our Cordwainers and other craftsmen/women are selected by their skills and their commitment. Only a craftsman who is proud of his product will perform at the level we ask of our staff at every step of the production process. We provide them with the perfect environment and materials to perform their art at their best and we do expect the best from them for our customers.

  3. We charge as little as possible because right from the outset, our business plan was to provide a large section of our society with custom made shoes at affordable prices. This, I’m convinced, will be the basis of our long term success.

  4. Our customer service staff is selected based on their “people skills” and being courteous is of the utmost importance immediately followed by product knowledge. We do not use call centers, because they are useless and would not be able to answer any questions requiring in depth knowledge of the product.

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The Custom System

Having been working with a variety of means to obtain customers foot measurements or even casts involving bandages or socks, we have developed a software that, once we have your pictures of your feet together with a few control measurements, it will create a complete raster image of your feet, with results far superior to any casts or measurements taken at a cobblers shop

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However, I decided to make it even better! We will make a “Prototype” or "Test" pair of shoes which you will receive and when you try them, you will be able to find any possible fault with the fit. Once you have reported the results (most will find that the "Test Shoes will already fit perfectly) via the “Test-Shoes-Fit-Form” we will make changes (if required) to your last and the outcome will be that perfectly fitting pair of shoes you always wanted.

Since the whole process involves only two shipments – the ”Prototype shoes” to you (to be discarded after use) and the final shoes to you – it will altogether take only 6-10 weeks maximum until you'll wear the most comfortable, best fitting custom made shoes. A record time within the realm of bespoke shoes for which you would normally wait many months to a year.

The making process of the shoes and boots is the same as with any well known company Like J Lobb or E. Green, however, since we do not have the expense of prime location real estate in major cities like London or Paris, our bespoke shoes and boots sell at a mere fraction of their prices.

In our Ladies department, the pumps and boots are made to last and not just for short term use yet, they are equally as attractive as Jimmy Choos or La Boutin. We do however stay away from their extreme high heels and platforms since we believe that they represent an actual health risk for women wearing them.

Custom Handmade Leather Clothing

Our leather clothing section designs our own Jackets, coats and dresses for both men & women. Those are custom made to measure based on a system invented by us, which makes it extremely easy to achieve a great fit by just a few easy circumference measurements and 4 photos. We use only prime grade A leather and for some items 'vintage" dyed leather made in a special process, ageing the material and giving it that "real" aged look yet being very soft and subtle.

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