Why order shoes from TLS?

The answer is quite obvious, just ask yourself a simple question; 

Which of the following offers the best value for your money?

A pair of machine made shoes from your better High Street shop for £350.00 to £700.00 that has been glued together, with a rather bad fit, (you will suffer for the first few weeks at least breaking them in) even though you’ve spend hours trying on different shoes until you landed with this compromise. Shoes that, no matter how much care you give them, will fall apart within 2 years.

OR A pair of custom handmade to fit shoes by one of the very few bespoke shoemakers where you’ll have to travel to reach their outlet to initially order the shoes and be measured followed by 2-3 fittings and pay £2,000.00 to £ 5,000.00 for one pair of shoes for which you will have to wait until completion for up to 1 year..

Or a pair of custom handmade to fit shoes from only £320.00, hand-sewn by master Cordwainers on your personal last in all leather and you do not have to leave your house or office to do so. Where the whole process takes only minutes instead of hours. The Test-Shoes will reach you within 2-3 weeks at which point you can also alter the design if you wish and the final shoes will reach you within 2-3 weeks thereafter. Shoes that will not only fit like a glove for your feet, are stylish and of superior quality, meaning they will last you (if you give them the correct care) 10 years or more and since the leather will develop a beautiful patina will look fantastic even after 5 years and more.

This answer should be obvious!