Dear Visitor,
our handmade bespoke shoes are constructed by our master Cordwainers in a Goodyear Welt or a Blake Welt, a choice which you are offered with most of our Men's shoes. The Goodyear Welt is the more traditional, more work-intensive method of shoe construction whereas the Blake Welt allows for a slimmer, more "today" style of shoe. Loafers or slip-ons for example are generally offered in the Blake Welt because this method allows for a slimmer edge and a more elegant appearance.

As far as durability is concerned, depending on usage and the care you take of your shoes, both should last at least 10 years and in many cases far longer. Timely and frequent re-soling as well as frequent polishing and allowing the shoes to rest after wearing them with a shoe tree inserted will of course extend the lifetime of your custom made shoes by many years. The two Welt methods are best explained through illustrations



And all of our bespoke shoes, boots, loafers and even pumps are of course 100% handmade on your personal last

Design work

Prep work by one of our designers for the "Clicker" or leather Master. The designer uses a template, which is created for each and every bespoke shoe (since each shoe is different) to draw the lines onto the leather which our Clicker uses to cut the leather. 

The Lasting

Watch a short video of part of the "lasting process" where the upper leather with the lining leather are pulled over the last and stretched. they are then secured with special nails. This is just one small step at about the middle of the production process of your bespoke shoes.

The double or Goodyear Welt by hand

The outer Welt is part of the Goodyear welting or double Welt process. The outer sole is hand-stitched to the frame which prior to this was stitched to the insole, lining and upper leather. Shortly we will show a video of this process as well. Even though our master Cordwainer makes it look easy, this is a process requiring a lot of experience, skill and power since he punches through the frame and over 1cm of sole leather.