A lot of your models have a pointed toe-cap, too pointed for me, is there a way to choose a different shape for such a model?

Yes, there is, all you have to do is to write your choice of toe-cap into the comments field during the order process and we will make your bespoke shoes based on your wishes. Just write; Toe-cap more rounded - trapeze shape or write; As per picture provided and email us a picture of your favorite toe-cap shape to measurements@the-leather-shop.com don't forget your name and order number on your email please.

I'm looking to order a pair of Dressage boots. You write about "Test-Shoes" but I have very thin calves, which always have been a problem when buying boots. Does your system take care of this as well?

Yes, when you look at our measurement form, it includes calve measurements for boots. When a customers orders boots, he/she will get a pair of "Test-Boots" so not only the fit of the shoe part can be determined, but also the fit of the shaft.

I have just received a pair of your bespoke shoes and want to order another, do I have to take the pictures again?

No, you will have received your personal last number with your shoes, just enter that into the Last NO field in your customer account and select "already a bespoke shoe customer" when selecting your model. We will use your personal last to make your next and any future pair of bespoke shoes for you.

Do I have to send the Test shoes back or can I keep them?

They are for you to dispose off, there is no need to send them back. Some customers wear them as house shoes for a while, but their only purpose is for you to try them on, walk around and let us know how they fit. After this, we will either use the last as is or make some corrections (if required) before making your final bespoke shoes.

Your are offering your bespoke shoes in a Goodyear Welt or Blake Welt. What is the difference?

You will find the detailed answer to your question by clicking HERE

I need to wear orthopedic inserts in my shoes, how does this work with your picture system?

A percentage of our customers have to wear orthopedic inserts and our system can accommodate those without a problem since the only thing that changes is the volume of the foot. Just place the insert under your foot when standing to take the pictures. This way our system will register the volume and measurements of your foot with the inserts included and the bespoke shoes will fit perfectly with the inserts in place. The shoes will also be made with a flat foot-bed so your inserts will rest on a flat surface.

What is faux Crocodile or faux ostrich leather?

Faux means imitation, but it is real top of the line calf leather which has for example the Crocodile or Alligator facets permanently impressed in a very complicated process and the result is that the faux Crocodile not only looks real, but feels real too.  Even an expert will find it impossible to spot the difference if you are wearing our real Crocodile shoes or boots or our faux leather shoes or boots.
The same accounts for faux Ostrich with the quill follicles  (feather bumps) being contoured and the faux Ostrich looks and feels absolutely real. Most of our models are shown in faux Crocodile or Ostrich. 

Our bespoke shoes in faux Stingray look absolutely stunning and will delight any of our customers who are looking for something really special.

What do I have to actually do to order and receive bespoke shoes?

The answer is very simple.
You place your order for your bespoke shoes online. Ask your wife, husband, or any other relative or friend to give you 10 minutes of their time and assist you in taking the measurements and pictures.Click onto the measurement form in our shop and print it out. Have the easy measurements and pictures taken and email the form and the pictures to us. Next you will receive the Test-Shoes - try them on and let us know how you like the fit. If anything needs to be changed on your last, use the form that comes with the Test-Shoes and email it to us.That is all you have to do and it will take only about 10-20 minutes of your time and in the end you will receive perfectly fitting bespoke shoes!

One of my legs is shorter and I need a height increase build into that shoe, how does this work with your shoes?

Simple, just let us know the specifics and we will include this in your bespoke shoe. We can add up to 1" inside the shoe and more outside. There is no surcharge! This will become part of your last and next time your shoes will also have the increase included.

I do not have a scanner How can I email you the measurement form?

Very simple, use your mobile phone camera and take a picture of the completed form and you can email it direct from your phone.

How difficult are those measurements to take?

Since they are just circumference measurements, they are very easy to take. Wrap the measurement tape around the part of the foot you want to measure like for example the ball at the widest part so that it is not cutting into your skin, but tight and that is it, Do exactly the same with the other measurements.

How big do the pictures need to be?

Use a medium resolution and size setting on your camera or mobile phone. We do not require High Definition pictures. The pictures when printed out by us should have at least 1/2 A4 size.

What happens if, when I receive the final shoes and there is a fit problem?

Do not worry. To start with, this is extremely rare, but should it happen, we will ask you for some more pictures with the shoes and supply you with a return FedEx or UPS label. You send the shoes back and we will make adjustments as required. Those will only be minor ones though. However, we will even go as far as to make a new pair should this be necessary at no expense to you. (has never happened with the Test-Shoe system)

Can I have a model in a different colour as shown on your site?

Sure, just send us a brief email naming your choice of colour and we will let you know. All you have to do if we accept your particular choice, write your colour into the comments box during checkout  

Once I have my shoes, how long will you keep my personal last in your storage?

For 2 years - and once another order has been placed this time will start over again for 2 more years. Our aim is to have you as our long term satisfied customer who will buy his/her bespoke shoes from us for the rest of your life.

Why are your shoes so cheap compared to J Lobb or others where bespoke shoes cost thousands?

We do not have any expensive retail outlets, but work 100% over the internet. There for we have far lower expenses than such outlets. Also we make a lot of bespoke shoes a month (obviously thanks to our low prices) so we purchase materials in large quantities and much cheaper. We also work on a very small profit margin. Rather than making a lot of money with a customer once, we want to see you come back again and again for more shoes for many years to come. You can even obtain special rebates by using our "Referral Program" once you are a customer of TLS

My feet are very unusual with a very wide front part and I have a hammer toe, would your system work for me?

Yes, we will obviously see any problems in the pictures and your last will of course allow for those problems. You have to be aware though, that such issues may result in a wider or higher toe-cap than the model shown in our picture.

Why are you asking for my shoe size if you take all the relevant data from the pictures and my measurements?

Because the more information we can feed into the computer, the better the results. Also, our prices are so tightly calculated that we have to charge more if your size is above a certain size. Please understand that once you are a certain size, not only do we need to use more materials, but even bigger cartons which cost more for shipping since the carrier companies work on "volume weight" etc..

If your size will have a surcharge, please do not choose a lesser size. We will see it from your pictures anyway and will have to contact you which will just delay the process.

I have had a Jacket made by you and now, want to order another one, do I have to take the pictures and measurements again?

Only if your last order has been some time ago and you have lost or put on weight. Feet usually stay the same even during weight loss or gain, but with clothing this unfortunately is not the case.

Years ago I bought a pair of shoes from another company which they don't make anymore. Can you make those for me?

If you send us a picture of the shoes we surely can make them for you. We frequently make shoes and boots for Film productions and Theater plays based on pictures or drawing. We cannot add any copyrighted markings or logos though.

Do your test shoes look like the final result? 

In shape yes (unless you ask for changes, which of course you can) however, there will be no Brogue decorations or any other for that matter. The sole purpose of the Test-Shoes is to determine the fit and make corrections on your last if required before we make your "real" bespoke shoes. The leather we use for the Test-Shoes is of course of a low grade and not to be compared with the leather used for your final custom shoes.

Your sizes go only up to 19 but I need a size 21 how do I do this?

For simple technical reasons (website) we had to stop somewhere. If you do not find your size 21 or larger just choose size 19 and write you actual size into the "customer comments" field during checkout. 

Found the answer you are looking for?  
If not, call  +44 (0) 20 3239 3045 or send us an email and I'm sure we can answer you.