It is really easy, as you can see from the pictures below

Print out the Photo-Template you received by email on an A4 sheet of paper
Just make 1 set of pictures like shown below for each foot (6 pictures in all) 
while standing on our PHOTO-TEMPLATE on a hard floor (no carpet)

You can take the pictures barefoot or wear a pair of thin dress socks!

If you wear orthopedic Inserts please place them under your feet when taking the pictures

It does not matter if your feet are longer than the A4 sheet of paper, your toes can extend over the toe part of the template (not the heel section)


This is all You have to do

Your Test shoes will arrive within 2-3 weeks 

Below we give you a little insight
into what happens at our Last production

Here you can see the partial result of your measurements and photographs and what it looks like
once they are turned into a raster by us for our last production the same is created for each foot

made on your last which has been produced, based on the above!
Next you will receive a pair of
Test-Shoes, boots or pumps

You try them on and if there should be a fit-issue, just mark it on the enclosed form and submit it via email. We will make the required changes to your last before 3-4 weeks  later your perfectly fitting bespoke shoes will arrive at your doorstep