From today until the vouchers have all been used (200 available) we have a special promotion on all men's and women's shoes and boots with a

20% Discount

just enter - SEASON - into the Voucher field when checking out your order.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this substantial discount voucher before they are used up!

This means top quality bespoke shoes & boots from as little as £ 232.00

All we are asking is that you enter your Product Review once you have received your finished shoes or boots

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Bespoke Gentlemen's as well as Ladies shoes & boots, pumps, specialized footwear such as bespoke, handmade Golf shoes, Hiking boots and even custom handmade sneakers, all at the lowest prices you probably did not think possible. We make it possible thanks to the Internet and our system of photo-analysis to obtain your exact foot measurements and shapes,

making very expensive retail space obsolete. For our custom made shoes we go even further and produce Test-Shoes first which you can try on in the comfort of your home and when you are fully satisfied with the fit and shape, or if a slight adjustment is required, we will adjust your last and only then produce your perfectly fitting, custom shoes, boots, heels …